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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Waiting. And worrying

It's the waiting that's the hardest, toughest part of any situation, be it your order at Nandos or your test results at the doctors. Now, I realise the vast difference between the two, but let me explain; or atleast attempt to. Once a decision has been made, no words or thoughts or even actions can change that decision. So it's the waiting after the decision has been made that is torturous; it is during that time that the doubts creep in. Questions arise; have I made the right choice; what if something goes wrong. It is when we wait that we are our most vulnerable, when we doubt not only our decisions but even ourselves. We question our whole lives during that waiting period, because well as we all know humans can be quite melodramatic. What I'm trying to get to, is that we spend most of our lives worrying during the small moments of waiting. Instead, we could have spent that time enjoying the thrill of not knowing rather than worrying. So I try to keep in mind that whatever is meant for me will never miss me, and whatever is to miss me will never come to me. I try to have faith in my decisions, in myself, and in God. 

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